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Work - Jstarbuck (GFL Production)

Born in Etobicoke Ontario, Canada


Lived in Rexdale with my family until I was about 11 or 12

Attended green home public school.

I have 3 sisters and 1 brother that was a twin who passed in the hospital after being born premature moved around a bit between Brampton and Mississauga where I finished high school. About the age of 16 myself and my cousin Jstarbuck started fooling around with a Sony synthesizer keyboard and would begin producing our own beats and would start rhyming everyday to sharpen our skills.

I'd have to say my top three favorite rappers would have to be Eminem, Jay z and Nas. My reason why I would put Eminem over the rest even though he hasn't been doing it longest. Is because he makes you have to rewind the song over and over again because you wanna catch everything he's saying. His creativity is on another level. Not to mention he puts words together no one else probably can.

ProductIon wise I would have to say Dr. Dre because he's been in the game a long time and proven he dosen't have to switch they way he dose things to run with the younger guys like the 50cents and drakes. He just dose his thing and people love that he keeps it real and his beats are hot .

Now with 2 boys of my own ( identical twins ), and a daughter. My drive for music and song writing is on another level. My lyrics have matured, I now know what people wanna hear, I understand more about music and the people who listen to it. GFL, The group myself and my cousin Jstarbuck have started would expand to Sandman, Monique, Technique Taylor Lamoso, Teddy Trixstylez, Vichi Vicious and Amanda Edwards.

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This native of Rexdale Ontario, is just what the industry needs. Now living in Mississauga Techneek is still very close to his roots.

With the ability to hook the listener he draws them in with his gift for word play. This emcee is definitely on the rise. If you're into hard hitting lyrics and bangging beats then Techneek is the artist for you.

Now a member of GFL, this artist is sure to make his mark on the hip hop map. Techneek's work ethics are of very high standards, he takes his craft seriously.

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Cash Flo - Bunkiu & Techneek
Monique Legair (Cookie)


I'm Tired - Monique (Cookie) Legair

Ever since joining Teekatown Entertainment Inc, Monique Legair (Cookie) brings strong vocal talent to the R&B scene.

Monique is an imaginative singer who brings both passion and excitement to her audience. In addition to Gospel music and life in the Chruch, Monique draws inspiration from world-renowned artists Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige. Blessed with a natural gift and determination, Monique continues to build on her talents and strives to bring more to the industry. Monique has been featured on both college radio and internet stations.

Music is the foundation for everything I do, if I write about the things I live on a daily basics, then it comes accross real to the listener.

Monique has been honoured by the Toronto Exclusive Magazine for song of the month. This native of Rexdale Toronto is very gifted indeed.


Amanda Edwards
I Know Better - Amanda Edwards


Amanda Edwards is a talented vocalist, producing and singing music influenced by the smooth melodies of rhythm and blues, feel-good pop and good old jazz.

She started singing at the young age of four, and spent many years singing alongside her musician father,

whose vast experience came from conducting his own band in New Delhi, India, The Malcolm Edwards Show Band. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Amanda achieved much in the music industry, winning countless awards for vocal and piano. She studied piano at the Royal Conservatory, gaining the skills and knowledge to apply to her song-writing. Amanda plays both the saxophone and the piano, and often takes part in Salsa, Hip-Hop and Ballroom dance. In 1997, she got her first break and was able to get into an authentic music studio in order to write and record her first tracks. Always willing to perform, this gifted entertainer has blessed many stages and has gained enormous experience by performing at various venues across Toronto, with her largest crowd at Yonge & Dundas square in the summer of 2010.

Amanda's influences come from strong female artists such as Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. Having a knowledge of music dating back to the 1950's has helped Amanda appreciate the dynamic spectrum of the music industry and aids in her ability to produce eclectic tracks that sound like no one particular genre. "Music is the gift of joy," is a statement that Amanda sticks by, for when she is singing, she says, "Nothing else matters."

As the newest member of Teekatown Entertainment Inc., Amanda has slowly started to build a name for herself here in the GTA; this talented artist is keeping busy. Amanda's new single, "I Know Better," has been featured on some of the local college radio stations. Watch for her upcoming album, produced by GFL / Teekatown.

Amanda Edwards also sings in, Spanish, Italian, Hindi and French

You Can't - Sandman (GFL-Teekatown)

Never one to back down from a hard work, Sandman combines versatility with originality.

Now living in Mississauga Sandman comes to us by way of the middle east.

This diamond in the rough is just getting started.

A nano technology student and constant perfectionist, Sandman is more than just a rapper.

Always ready to deliver he's not shy to be on stage. Sandman has performed at various events and took part in the Toronto Independent Music Awards.

This amazing artist has been doing a lot of interviews lately, and is slowly starting to make a name for himself.

Gaining creditability in the underground music scene, he is sure to make a name for himself.

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Teddy Trixstylez
We On - Teddy Trixstylez (GFL-Teekatown)

What do you hope to accomplish on your musical journey?

I hope to create amazing music that will stand the test of time as well as learning more about my talents.

Who are some of your greatest musical influences?

Major influences, I would say Kanye West for his musical versitality and Drake for his songwriting abilities. Other musical influences include Jay Z, Da Mafia 6ix and Noah "40" Shebib.


What is your take on the Canadian Music Industry?

I feel as though Canadian music is still emerging onto the global scale. Now more than ever I feel as though Canada is about to make its mark in the music industry.


What is your background, where were you born?

I’m half Guyanese and half Trinidadian and Toronto is my birthplace.

What does "making it" mean to you? What determines 'making it' to you?

"Making it" for me is reaching that point where I want to be recognized and for what I do. I have a love for making music and I would love for people around the world to enjoy my musical ideas and creations.

Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school?

I grew up in Scarborough and spent majority of my childhood growing up in Malvern. I finished high school and was accepted into college for Biotechnology which I later dropped out of because it just wasn't for me.

Out of all the rappers out there, who is your favorite?

Kanye West

What can be done to put more Canadian rappers onto the world stage?

Being an artist with many talents, I know there are many more talented Canadians that keep a lot of good music hidden away that never reach peoples ears. What we must do is help each other, not one person alone can make it. Behind every success story is a hard working team behind the curtains working the magic.

What is the importance of a good beats VS good lyrics?

When you have a mix of good beats and bad lyrics throughout an album, there isn’t enough importance on the songs leading to fans getting bored of the album really fast. Good lyricism and structure can make any beat sound good but what I'm aiming for is that mix of good beats and good lyrics throughout an album that makes fans want to listen to it over and over again.

Tell us something about yourself?

I scored an overall average of 95% in the Arts program in high school. Sciences were around 74%.

If you could compare yourself to an already established artist, who would that be and why?

I would again say Kanye West only because we can relate in so many ways. Not only does he compose and produce beats, he also has very bold voice which I look up to. Kanye sings as well, not often, but does a good job with the melodies. One last relation that Kanye and I have in common is the loss of our mothers. It’s a reminder for me every day to never be afraid of achieving anything I want.

What will your listeners get out of your music?

I hope listeners will be encouraged to go out and live their lives without fear. I had a rough childhood, growing up without family and a mother and I hope some of my strength and passion will show in the music I make.

What were you thinking about when your songs are developed?

I'm thinking about finding the right pace to go along with the rhythm when I’m song writing as well as the message I'm saying in the song. When I'm making a beat, I try to find the right overall pitch that would suit my voice. I look at almost the entire body of work when my songs are developed.

Who is your hero?

I would have to say God. For keeping me alive and keeping me strong and blessing me with these musical talents that I have.

What made you want to get into the business?

My love to push through anything made me want to pursue the business.

What is the most difficult thing you've had to endure in life?

Would probably have to say getting over the fact that my mother wasn't ever coming back as a little kid was the most difficult thing I had to endure in life.

How does it feel to be finally getting your break?

It’s been a blessing in so many ways I’m surrounded by people who believe in me.

What do you hope to do with your music?

I'm just happy, being able to make music and being able to do what I love to do. Hopefully we'll catch some headlines in the near future. Maybe reach a few people with my lyrics. Uplifting my fans and making their day easier is important to me.



A. Riley


A. Riley

House Of Pain - A. Riley

My name is A. Riley. I was born and raised in the and I'll be reppin black creek to the fullest. I attended high school at Central Tech till grade 10 until I got kicked out, then I found my way to Eastdale for an even shorter period before I got kicked out again. But I did hustle my way and graduated from Eastern Commerce. I've been making music for as long as I can remember, but I started to take it seriously and knew that I wanted to pursue it when I was the age of 12.

Right now I am working with GFL CREW. They're coming wit them hard beats that I can spit to. I am currently working wit artist such as; Sandman, Stimpy, J Loots from the YTZ crew and all my OBC CYC niggaz. I heard about TEEKATOWN by my dude Sandman who is currently on the label and he introduced me to the labels management and they were feeling the kid and decided to put me on. To be real I don't really look up to nobody in the industry because we all go through our separate struggles. However, I do like listen to Big L , Notorious BIG , Eminem and Jay Z .

The state of hip hop in Canada is nowhere close to where it could be. There are some many artists out there that don't get the chance to be heard or are not pushing hard enough to be heard. We do have Kardi and Drake that made it out of T.Dot, but that's only two out of how many. I just think that Canadian hip hop is extremely underrated. "Hell ya me and my niggaz are the next best thing reppin Canada".

I would like to give a shout out to all my niggas in the bin Smoke Dog, P boy, Dre and Jo Jay.

Also I would like to shout out Sandman who put me on the label and TEEKATOWN for working wit me and helping me getting my shit out there

And a final shout out to all my other peoples who worked with me and continue to support me, yall know who you are



On Da Grind - French-ee

They say everyday a star is born, but on December 1 - 1988, a rising star by the name of Eric Kaseba "French-ee" was born in the Republic Democracy of Congo. Though he came from a wealthy family, French-ee experienced some traumatizing events due to the civil war in his native homeland. At the age of nine, French-ee and his family lost all their wealth but managed to escape from the civil war of Congo and lived in various places such as; Muscat Oman where he learned English, Frankfurt Germany, Paris France to finally get establish in Toronto Canada at the age of thirteen. As a teenager, French-ee had to learn how to adapt to the Canadian culture and was able to perfect his English as he fell in love with hip hop music. At the age of sixteen, French-ee and a couple of his childhood friends created a rap group called Diamond Cut Crew and he went by the name of Young Gorilla at the time. October 16 2006, with only 17 years in age, French-ee became a father.

With so much responsibility on his hands, he decided to put and end to his rap career to focus on his fatherhood. But the love for music was always in him, therefore French-ee decided to make a come back. He changed his rap name to French-ee, a nickname that was given to him all throughout secondary school. French-ee says that it symbolizes that he embraces himself for who is.

French-ee has performed at local places such as Passion Lounge hosted by Dem Local Cats, Djays and Downrails skateboard arena, St. Joseph Secondary School, he also made songs with artist like Mr Biggaz, and more. With his fan base support, French-ee plans on marking his name in the history of rap music as one of the greatest.


Vichi Vicious

Vichi Vicious
Warr - Vichi Vicious

This crew is truly in a class all by themselves. Vichi Vicious breathes a breath of fresh air into the reggae scene.

Born and raised in Jamica, now living in Toronto Canada, these guys are the real thing. with a gift for writing through their own experiences Vichi Vicious has developed a song that is unique only to them.

The three members are Ziggy, Tweety and Indian. Now working with GFL Productions, Vichi Vicious is sure to keep us entertained. To get copies of their music please send request email to (subject line: Vichi Vicious music )


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