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Mon 30 Nov 2015
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GFL Productions

GFL Productions never fails to deliver originality, creativity and a fresh sound.·read more about GFL  







TECHNEEK. Hard hitting lyrics and bangging beats. This emcee has the ability to hook the listener and he draws them in with his gift for word play. read more about Techneek




Vichi Vicious (reggae)

Vichi-ViciousVichi Vicious breathes a breath of fresh air into the reggae scene. The three members are Ziggy, Tweety and Indian. read more about Vichi Vicious 



Taylor Lamoso

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Indie Awards Live

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Teekatown News

indieWe are in the process of accepting submissions from artists. But stay tuned for more information as we finalize the procedure. If interested in learning more, feel free to contact us. Thank you.






Wins 2010 Best Toronto Hip Hop Song of the Year "I want you" featuring Dru. see awards results here